Who we are...

...and why?

We are a financial broker agency. That is why we are able to pass offers from certain organisations and companies independently, whereby numerous promoters have the possibility to give pleasing discounts to our clients.

The popular German magazine 'Finanztest' gave a very good description of the job of a broker (in the 03/2009 issue):

“Financial brokers – these mediators usually have a large pool of companies, where they get their payment by making contracts. While other agents are bound to their customers (companies), there is the financial broker a connection towards the clients. He has numerous advising- and responsible duties and is forced to dissuade an adversely product from the client. A financial broker obtains his money from commissions. Serious financial brokers have a liability insurance, so no company is responsible for your mistakes.”

We guarantee you we posses a liability insurance – against damage of property for any mistaken advice. As financial brokers we are obligated to advice you about the pros and cons of your current insurance contracts and possible changes and additions.